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Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2 arrives swiftly after a stable OS launch

by Maine Bacos

Google is continuing its Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2 rollout for enrolled and eligible Pixel devices, with a focus on addressing known bugs. While the latest beta includes a new “system updates” page for Pixel owners that displays information on the status of their OS and Pixel system apps, there are still some pesky bugs that have yet to be fixed.

The company wasted no time in releasing its next beta for the upcoming quarterly update. Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2 is now available for several Pixel devices, including the Pixel 5a, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and Tablet. Users who choose to run this test OS version should be aware of potential battery and performance issues, as well as various stability problems.

Google has already patched some of the top issues in the latest beta. This includes fixing a problem that caused the Settings app to crash when accessing system Bluetooth settings after pairing a device, resolving stuttering or pausing scrolling animation on some devices, and addressing various stability and performance issues.

However, there are still a couple of known issues that have not been resolved in this beta. One problem involves users who swap their SIM cards being unable to connect to their cellular provider. Another issue is the battery percentage indicator in the top UI occasionally displaying 0% for a brief moment.

In addition to bug fixes, the QPR1 Beta 2 also introduces a revamped settings page for enrolled Pixel owners. This page now shows the status of the OS, mainline version, and Pixel system apps, allowing users to easily check if their software is up to date.

Google advises users to wait for up to 24 hours to receive the OTA (over-the-air) update. However, if you’re eager to try out the latest beta, you can manually check for updates by going to Settings > System > System updates. If you own an eligible device and haven’t enrolled in the beta program yet, you can do so by visiting the Android beta page.

Android 14 was recently launched alongside Google’s latest releases, including the Pixel 8 series and the Pixel Watch 2. With testing starting in September and continuing with the second beta, Google is on track to release its quarterly Android drop in December. The Pixel 7a, Google’s latest small phone, packs flagship specs with its 6.1-inch display, 64MP main camera, Tensor G2 chip, and five years’ worth of updates. Despite its smaller size, the Pixel 7a maintains high performance without compromising on features.

In conclusion, Google is rolling out Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2 for enrolled and eligible Pixel devices, addressing known bugs and introducing a new “system updates” page. While some issues have been fixed, there are still a few remaining problems that Google is working on. Users can manually check for the latest beta and enroll in the beta program if eligible. The final release of Android 14 is expected to arrive in December.

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