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Microsoft Copilot sounds great. Here’s why I won’t use it

by Amelia Ramiro

The September event hosted by Microsoft was heavily focused on AI-driven features such as Copilot and Bing Chat. While these updates were impressive, the author of this article has concerns about the AI technologies and their impact on privacy.

Microsoft’s Copilot is touted as a powerful tool that can perform various tasks, including summarizing emails, extracting data from spreadsheets, and even learning to write like the user. It will be integrated into the upcoming Windows 11 update, making its reach far-reaching. However, the author expresses skepticism about using Copilot due to privacy concerns.

The author highlights the pervasiveness of AI in our lives and acknowledges its potential benefits. However, they draw the line when it comes to tools like Copilot, which have access to extensive personal data. The author reflects on how privacy concerns have evolved over time, from being wary of sharing personal information with strangers online to now being more concerned about data misuse by large corporations.

Data leaks and the collection of personal information by companies for targeted advertising have made the author jaded about their data. They express discomfort with the idea of tools like Copilot having access to everything on their computer, including emails and tone of voice. The author also raises concerns about AI displacing jobs and the potential consequences if personal data falls into the wrong hands.

The author acknowledges that Microsoft states the use of Copilot is optional and that user data doesn’t have to be shared. However, they remain skeptical given the track record of tech giants with data privacy. They question whether they should be impressed or scared by the capabilities of AI technologies like Copilot.

In conclusion, while acknowledging the benefits of AI, the author ultimately feels uncomfortable with the trade-offs, particularly in terms of privacy. They believe that AI technologies like Copilot represent a trend that will only continue to grow in the future.

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