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Google Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2: The very last leaks provide official spec sheets and prices of all model variants

by Maine Bacos

The official Pixel 8 spec sheet has been highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and smartphone users alike. With many rumors circulating about the specifications and technical details of Google’s new flagship device, it is important to look at the official information to separate facts from fiction.

One of the key areas of interest for consumers is the camera. While there were speculations that Google would replace the ISOCELL GN1 sensor behind the main Pixel 8 camera with the larger ISOCELL GN2, it remains uncertain if this change has actually been made. The official spec sheet does not provide a definitive answer as no sensor information is given. This leaves users curious about the camera’s capabilities and whether it has received any significant upgrades.

However, one notable change that has been confirmed is the increase in aperture. The Pixel 7 had an aperture of F/1.85, whereas the Pixel 8 boasts an aperture of F/1.68. This improvement promises to capture more light at the same sensor size, potentially resulting in better low-light photography and improved overall image quality.

Despite this upgrade in the main camera, it seems that no changes have been made to the ultra-wide-angle camera. Users who were hoping for advancements in this area may be disappointed as the spec sheet does not mention any improvements in this regard.

Another important feature for smartphone users is video recording capabilities. The spec sheet confirms that the Pixel 8 supports 4K recordings up to 60fps, which is on par with many flagship devices in the market. This means that users can capture high-resolution videos with smooth frame rates, allowing for cinematic and professional-looking footage.

It is worth noting that the spec sheet provided is from the US mobile provider AT&T. This means that the listed radio frequencies, especially in the 5G range, might differ for other countries. Users outside of the US should consider this when assessing the compatibility of the Pixel 8 with their network and connectivity needs.

While the official Pixel 8 spec sheet leaves some questions unanswered, it provides valuable insight into the device’s key features and capabilities. The increase in aperture and support for high-quality video recording are promising aspects for photography and videography enthusiasts. As users eagerly await more information, it is only a matter of time before they can experience the Pixel 8 firsthand and determine if it lives up to the hype.

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