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I just switched to a MacBook Air as a hardcore Windows user of over 20 years — here’s what happened

by Kyle Meranda

The MacBook Air 15-inch has won over yet another fan, this time from the team at Tom’s Guide. In an article discussing their experience with the new M2-powered MacBook Air, the author admits to being a hardcore Windows fan but was pleasantly surprised by their time with Apple’s laptop.

The article begins by acknowledging that the MacBook Air 15-inch is already highly rated at Tom’s Guide, but the author was still surprised by how quickly they fell in love with the device. They had not used a MacBook since 2019 and admitted to being a dedicated Windows user. However, their experience with the MacBook Air 15-inch had them reconsidering their allegiance to Windows.

Despite some initial difficulties with relearning macOS, the author found themselves coming to grips with the operating system quicker than expected. They appreciated the crystal-clear 15.3-inch Liquid Retina Display and enjoyed watching content on the laptop. However, they did express frustration with Apple’s restrictions on downloading certain apps from the App Store.

One of the standout features for the author was the battery life of the MacBook Air 15-inch. They were able to use the device for a whole weekend without needing to charge it once, which they found impressive. The portability of the laptop was also mentioned, but they admitted to not moving it much as they preferred using it with external accessories like speakers and a mouse.

In conclusion, the author admits that while they still prefer their iPad Pro for certain tasks, the quality of the MacBook Air 15-inch has converted them at least partially to being a MacBook user. They appreciate the device’s performance and battery life, and it has made them reconsider their loyalty to Windows.

Overall, the article showcases the positive experience the author had with the MacBook Air 15-inch M2 and highlights its standout features. It also demonstrates the potential for Apple to win over Windows users with their latest laptops.

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