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Microsoft September 2023 event: everything announced so far

by Amelia Ramiro

Microsoft’s September Event: What to Expect

Microsoft is gearing up for its highly anticipated September Event, where they are expected to make a range of exciting announcements. From new hardware to software updates and advancements in AI technology, there is plenty to look forward to. As we eagerly await the event, let’s take a closer look at some of the things Microsoft might unveil.

One of the most highly anticipated updates is expected to be the Surface Laptop Studio. Leaks and rumors have provided some insight into what we can expect from the Surface Laptop Studio 2. While the design may not see any major changes on the outside, there are rumors of upgrades to the hardware, including the use of Intel’s top processors. This upgrade is set to enhance the performance and capabilities of the laptop.

In addition to the Surface Laptop Studio, there have been murmurs of two more Surface devices making an appearance at the event. The Surface Laptop Go 3 and the Surface Go 4 are both due for hardware upgrades. While the design changes may not be groundbreaking, these updates are expected to enhance the performance and features of both devices. However, there are concerns that these upgrades might come with a price hike.

There is also speculation about a potential follow-up to the Surface Laptop 5. While it is possible that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Laptop 6, leaks have been relatively scarce compared to the other devices. This could indicate that the Surface Laptop 6 might not make an appearance this year. However, if it does, it is rumored to come in two variants, a 13.5-inch and a 15-inch model.

Beyond hardware updates, Microsoft is also expected to discuss advancements in Windows 11 and AI technology. One notable development is Windows Copilot, a virtual assistant built directly into your PC. Windows Copilot is designed to summarize meetings, extract data from Excel spreadsheets, generate emails, and assist users in navigating the complexities of Windows 11. Third-party plugins for Windows Copilot and Bing Chat are also expected to be announced.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s iconic Paint software is rumored to receive a surprising update. It is speculated that the software might incorporate generative AI, similar to other image-editing programs, allowing users to create images based on text prompts. Additionally, there may be updates to the Photos and Snipping Tool apps, including features like copying text from screenshots or blurring backgrounds in photos.

While these predictions are based on leaks and speculation, there is always a chance for surprises at the event. Microsoft’s September Event promises to be an exciting showcase of new hardware, software updates, and AI advancements. We will have to wait until the event to see which of our expectations are met and if Microsoft has any surprises in store for us.

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