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Oppo N3 Flip supports Google Messages & more on outer display

by Maine Bacos

Oppo’s Latest N3 Flip Foldable Comes with Native Support for Over 80 Apps

Oppo has introduced its newest N3 Flip foldable phone, and it is taking advantage of a larger outer display by offering native support for over 80 apps right out of the box. This move aims to enhance the user experience and make the most of the device’s cover display.

In recent years, flip phone foldables have been trending towards larger outer displays. However, a bigger display is only useful if it provides functionality. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4, for example, initially suffered from a lack of native support for non-Samsung apps on its cover display. While Samsung has since addressed this issue by introducing a bigger and more functional display, native support for various apps is still somewhat limited, requiring users to resort to add-on applications.

On the other hand, Oppo’s new N3 Flip is set to have native app support for over 80 different applications on its outer display right from the start. And these apps aren’t solely from Oppo; the company showcased the N3 Flip cover screen with several app icons in a recent X/Twitter post, and five of these apps seem to be Google apps.

One of the surprising additions to the list of supported apps is the Google Messages app. This means that the Oppo N3 Flip’s cover display will be able to show recent messages and conversations. While it remains unclear whether users can type and send messages directly from the outer display, this inclusion adds value and convenience to the device.

It is yet to be seen how Oppo will incorporate these apps into the narrow but tall form factor of the cover display. However, it is a positive move that will likely enhance the usability and versatility of the device.

The Oppo Find N3 Flip was launched in China last month but has not yet been released in the US or other markets. The latest information suggests that Oppo plans to release the N3 Flip sometime this month, although no specific details have been confirmed. The device is expected to feature a new MediaTek SoC, a strong camera array, and the Alert Slider that OnePlus (a sister brand of Oppo) is known for.

In conclusion, Oppo’s new N3 Flip foldable phone is set to offer a compelling user experience with native support for over 80 apps on its larger outer display. This move will provide users with more functionality and convenience, making the Oppo N3 Flip a highly anticipated device in the market.

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