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Original Apple Watch no longer eligible for repairs, now obsolete

by Maine Bacos

The Original Apple Watch, released by Apple in 2015, has officially been deemed obsolete by the company. This means that any chances of having the first-generation Apple Watch repaired by official means are now eliminated.

Apple categorizes a product as vintage if it hasn’t been sold for more than five years. In such cases, customers may or may not be able to find parts for repairs at Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers (AASP). However, when a product hasn’t been distributed for more than seven years, it is considered obsolete by Apple. This means that no official repairs are available for these products as Apple stops providing parts for them.

Although Apple’s website has yet to be updated with this information, employees at Apple Stores have received a memo from the company confirming the obsolescence of the original Apple Watch. This applies to all versions of the watch, including the aluminum, stainless steel, and the luxury gold version, which once cost up to $17,000.

The first-generation Apple Watch was replaced by the Apple Watch Series 1 in September 2016, when Apple launched the Series 2. Rather than keeping the original model in the lineup at a lower price, Apple introduced the Series 1, which featured the same faster chip as the Series 2 but lacked the brighter display, built-in GPS, and improved water resistance.

The original Apple Watch stopped receiving software updates in 2018, limiting its functionality to watchOS 4. This means that it can no longer be updated with the latest features and improvements offered by Apple. This can be disappointing for those who invested in the more expensive gold version, as its lifespan falls short compared to traditional luxury mechanical watches. Moreover, Apple will now be unable to repair these expensive devices for their owners.

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In conclusion, Apple has deemed the original Apple Watch as obsolete, rendering it ineligible for official repairs. This marks the end of an era for the first-generation Apple Watch, which was released in 2015. It serves as a reminder of the fast-paced nature of technology and the evolving landscape of wearable devices.

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