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The best classic Hitman game gets a makeover, but not on PC

by Gamerx Ramiro

Hitman Blood Money Remake: A Nostalgic Hitman Experience, But Not for PC

Hitman Blood Money, the classic stealth-action game that is considered one of the best stealth games of its time, is getting a new lease on life with a remake called “Hitman Blood Money Reprisal.” Developed by Feral Interactive in partnership with IO Interactive, this remake promises to enhance the gameplay with new features inspired by later games in the series.

The remake includes a new minimap, Instinct Mode, and other gameplay improvements, making it an even more definitive old-school Hitman experience. However, there’s one disappointing aspect – it won’t be released for PC. Currently, the remake is only set for mobile and Nintendo Switch platforms, with an iOS and Android release scheduled for this Fall and a Switch release planned for Winter.

While PC players can already enjoy the original Hitman Blood Money through platforms like Steam and GOG, the addition of new features in the remake leaves PC gamers feeling a little left out. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting opportunity for mobile and Switch players to revisit this iconic part of Agent 47’s history in an enhanced version.

In the meantime, PC players can look forward to new content for Hitman: World of Assassination, as the franchise celebrates its anniversary. On October 26, there will be a Hitman update, followed by two returning elusive targets and a new elusive target called ‘The Drop’ featuring DJ Dimitri Vegas on October 27. Additionally, a Halloween event and several new suits, including a classic low-poly ‘Codename 47’ suit based on the original game, will be introduced.

To kick off the anniversary celebration, players can participate in the new featured contract called ‘Puzzle Box’ in Hitman: World of Assassination starting from October 5. Moreover, the game will launch its first Twitch drop campaign on October 27, offering players the chance to earn the Purple Streak Suit in-game. For fans of the series, this anniversary celebration brings plenty of exciting new content and challenges to enjoy.

As Hitman: World of Assassination prepares to receive these updates, players can take some time to familiarize themselves with the game’s system requirements and learn about useful shortcuts to make their missions more efficient. With the new content and enhancements coming soon, it’s essential to be well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

While PC gamers may be disappointed that the Hitman Blood Money remake won’t be available on their platform, there are still plenty of exciting updates and events in store for Hitman: World of Assassination. Whether it’s revisiting the nostalgia of the classic Hitman games or enjoying the latest additions to the franchise, there’s no shortage of thrilling experiences awaiting fans of the series.

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