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Minecraft armadillo mob vote guide

by Gamerx Ramiro

Mojang has introduced a new addition to the Minecraft universe – the Minecraft armadillo. This adorable mob was revealed during Minecraft Live 2023 as one of the three designs that the public can vote for. With over 70 mobs already in Minecraft, the armadillo brings a fresh new mechanic to the game.

Design-wise, the Minecraft armadillo looks similar in shape and size to last year’s Minecraft Sniffer. It is a brown rectangle with a cute little face and appears to sleep soundly curled up, protected by its shell-like skin. However, it springs to life when players get too close.

While these mobs are still in early development, we do know some details about their behavior. The armadillo is likely to spawn in warm biomes like the Savanna. This is exciting because the savanna currently doesn’t have any unique mobs of its own, so the addition of the armadillo will diversify the wildlife in this biome.

One of the most exciting aspects of the armadillo is its new mechanic. When an armadillo is defeated, it drops a scute, similar to the ones dropped by turtles. This scute can then be crafted into armor for players’ pet dogs. This means that players can now protect their loyal canine companions from harm when facing hostile mobs.

To vote for the Minecraft armadillo, players can participate in the Minecraft Live mob vote. The voting starts 48 hours before the Minecraft Live broadcast, and players can find detailed information on how to vote on websites like pcgamesn.com. It is important to stay updated and know when and where to cast your vote to support the armadillo as the newest addition to Minecraft.

If you’re excited about the armadillo and want to see the result as it is announced, make sure to watch Minecraft Live. The broadcast will reveal the winning mob design. Previous winners include the charming Minecraft Glow Squid and the adorable Minecraft allay. Thankfully, this year there are no hostile mobs like the Minecraft Phantom up for the vote.

With its cute aesthetic and intriguing mechanics, the Minecraft armadillo is sure to become a favorite among players. It adds another layer of depth to the game’s ecosystem and provides opportunities for protection and customization. So cast your vote and look forward to welcoming the Minecraft armadillo into your virtual world.

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