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Overwatch 2 gives Sombra major rework, replacing Opportunist and more

by Gamerx Ramiro

Blizzard Entertainment recently released the official trailer for Overwatch 2’s upcoming seventh season, Rise of Darkness, and fans have a lot to look forward to. The new season brings a variety of exciting features, including changes to the stealthy hacker hero, Sombra.

One of the most highly anticipated changes coming with Season 7 is the long-awaited Sombra rework. Sombra’s passive ability, Opportunist, will no longer be a part of her kit. Instead, Blizzard has replaced it with a new passive called Stealth. This means that players will no longer be able to target enemies with low health through walls. Instead, Sombra will become invisible while not using any abilities, dealing damage, or taking damage.

The FPS game is also altering how Sombra’s Translocator ability functions. Instead of leaving the beacon in a safe spot to return to later, players will now instantly teleport to wherever they throw it. Additionally, the passive ability’s cooldown will be reduced after teleporting, allowing players to make use of Stealth to stay safe if needed.

Another significant change to Sombra’s kit is the addition of a new ability called ‘Virus.’ With Virus, Sombra will be able to infect enemies with a projectile that deals damage over time. This ability will also allow players to damage already-hacked enemies more quickly. Blizzard’s goal with these changes is to make Sombra feel more active and committed to the targets she engages with.

It’s important to note that Sombra’s EMP, Hack, and Machine Pistol remain unchanged. Blizzard wants to maintain her character identity and playstyle as the world’s greatest hacker while introducing new features that enhance her abilities.

For players interested in diving deeper into the content of the upcoming season and how Sombra will play during the Rise of Darkness, Blizzard’s blog post provides more details.

While waiting to try out Sombra’s new kit, players can explore the current Overwatch 2 tier list for a solid ranking of each hero and their abilities. Alternatively, they can check out the fully fleshed-out guide on Overwatch 2 characters to learn more about Sombra and other heroes.

With the Sombra rework and other exciting features in Season 7 of Overwatch 2, players can look forward to an enhanced gaming experience. Blizzard Entertainment continues to keep the game fresh and engaging, ensuring that fans remain excited and invested in the game.

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