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The stunning OnePlus 11R Solar Red is turning out to be the phone bargain of 2023

by Maine Bacos

OnePlus has recently announced that the Solar Red version of its upcoming OnePlus 11R smartphone will be priced at ₹45,999 ($552) in India. This variant of the phone comes with some exciting features and improvements compared to the standard model.

The OnePlus 11R Solar Red boasts an impressive 18GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, which is double the memory and storage capacity of the regular variant. It also stands out with its stunning red hue, which is made out of vegan leather. This combination of powerful specs and a unique aesthetic makes it an appealing choice for smartphone enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the OnePlus 11R Solar Red is its 150W charging technology. With this charging capability, the phone’s battery can be fully charged in just 19 minutes. This is a significant improvement over the charging speeds of many other smartphones on the market, allowing users to quickly get back to using their devices without worrying about battery life.

The rest of the hardware on the OnePlus 11R Solar Red remains the same as the standard model. However, the increased memory and storage, along with the attractive design, make this version of the phone a clear winner for those considering the OnePlus 11R.

If you’re interested in purchasing the OnePlus 11R Solar Red, you won’t have to wait long. Sales for this variant will start on October 8 in India. The phone will be available on Amazon India and OnePlus’ official website. In fact, the device is already listed on the OnePlus website. Additionally, OnePlus offline stores in India will also carry the OnePlus 11R Solar Red.

For keen users who can’t wait to get their hands on the phone, OnePlus is offering an early access sale on October 7. Customers who take advantage of this sale will also receive the OnePlus Buds Z2 as a special bonus.

It is worth noting that the OnePlus 11R Solar Red will be exclusive to the Indian market. OnePlus has not indicated any plans to release this variant in other countries. Therefore, if you’re based in India and looking for an upgrade, the OnePlus 11R Solar Red could be the perfect choice for you.

With its impressive specifications, sleek design, and fast-charging technology, the OnePlus 11R Solar Red offers a compelling option for smartphone users in India. Whether you’re a OnePlus fan or just in the market for a new device, this phone is certainly worth considering.

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