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This $17,000 Apple Watch is now obsolete

by Maine Bacos

Apple has officially declared all first-generation Apple Watch models as “obsolete.” This includes the extravagant $17,000 solid-gold Edition, which was released to much fanfare in 2015. The decision to add these watches to the list of obsolete products was made on September 30, as reported by MacRumors.

With this designation, the “Series 0” watches are no longer eligible for repairs or services at Apple Stores or Apple Authorized Service Provider locations. This could pose a challenge for owners of these watches if they require any maintenance or replacement parts, as Apple will no longer provide support in this regard.

Furthermore, the software support for these watches ended in 2018 with the release of watchOS 4.3.2, making it the final update available to first-gen watch owners. As a result, they will not receive any future software updates, potentially limiting their functionality further down the line.

The list of discontinued models encompasses all variations of the original Apple Watch, including both 38mm and 42mm sizes made of aluminum and stainless steel. Even the Hermès variants, which were seen as luxury offerings at the time, have now been labeled as obsolete.

One noteworthy addition to the list is the 18-karat solid-gold casing, which was priced at an exorbitant $17,000 in the United States. This version of the Apple Watch garnered attention for being worn by influential celebrities. However, it was discontinued after just one year, with Apple opting for comparatively more affordable ceramic and titanium versions instead.

According to Apple’s classification, a product becomes technologically obsolete if it has not been distributed for more than seven years. Since the first-generation Apple Watch was discontinued in September 2016, it has now reached this threshold and is considered obsolete by Apple.

In 2015, Apple introduced the Apple Watch as its “most personal device ever.” The watch boasted a Retina display with Force Touch technology and a Taptic Engine. It featured 11 watch faces, as well as an Activity app and a Workout app, allowing users to easily track their daily activity and fitness metrics.

While it is disappointing for owners of the first-generation Apple Watch to see their devices labeled as obsolete, it is important to note that technology advances rapidly, and maintaining support for older products becomes increasingly challenging. Apple has consistently emphasized the importance of its latest offerings, and with the introduction of newer Apple Watch models, it is understandable that support for the first-gen watches is being discontinued.

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