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EPB Quantum Network Powered by Qubitekk is Now Open and Software Configurable

by Amelia Ramiro

EPB Quantum Network: Opening the Doors to Quantum Networking

Quantum networking, the cutting-edge technology that utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics to transmit and process information, is no longer confined to the realms of theoretical research and intricate experiments. A partnership between EPB, Qubitekk, and Aliro Quantum has announced the launch of the EPB Quantum Network Powered by Qubitekk, a fully functional quantum-as-a-service network available to customers for testing, development, and experimentation.

The EPB Quantum Network, situated in downtown Chattanooga, showcases 216 dedicated, managed dark fibers capable of facilitating connections between 10 quantum interconnected nodes. Moreover, it can harness the extensive 9000-mile fiber optic network of the Chattanooga metropolitan area for added scalability. This expansive infrastructure is designed to offer both commercial and non-commercial organizations a platform to explore applications, develop innovative products, fine-tune equipment, and unlock the true potential of quantum networking technology.

One of the standout features of the EPB Quantum Network is its flexibility, which allows customers to choose from a range of hardware components provided by EPB Quantum Network partners or to bring their own. This customization extends to the software configuration as well, where customers can take advantage of the AliroNet™ software offered by Aliro Quantum. AliroNet™ features a user-friendly graphical interface for easy configuration and control of network operations. This adaptability sets the EPB Quantum Network apart from other quantum networks, enabling customers to tailor their experience to specific needs and objectives.

For more detailed information on the EPB Quantum Network, a comprehensive press release detailing the latest developments is available on the Qubitekk website. Additionally, a promotional video is accessible on YouTube, offering a visual demonstration of the network’s capabilities and benefits. Interested individuals can also visit the EPB Quantum Network webpage for additional details and pricing information.

With the launch of the EPB Quantum Network Powered by Qubitekk, the doors are now open for customers to embrace the possibilities of quantum networking. It is an exciting step forward in the world of quantum technology, paving the way for future breakthroughs and advancements in various industries. As organizations harness the power of quantum mechanics, the potential for innovation and transformation is virtually limitless.

Addressing the rapidly evolving needs of the digital landscape, the EPB Quantum Network emerges as a key player in the quantum networking arena, spearheading progress and driving innovation. As quantum technology becomes more accessible, the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of information processing and communication continue to expand. The EPB Quantum Network stands at the forefront, ready to support and propel the quantum revolution into new dimensions.

September 30, 2023.

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